Bellani Sas is a company that operates since 1951 in the field of professional cosmetics for hairdressers. Our growth path has enabled us to reach the goal of becoming one of the leading retail and wholesale distributors in Italy.

Currently, we ensure a widespread distribution throughout North Italy, offering our customers the choice of over 150 well knows brands in the industry, for a total of more than 7,000 directly managed referrals. Our facility has several logistic platforms, a total area of 5,000 square meters and the ability to deliver orders within 24 hours.

With the aim of improving the service offered to the customer, since 1994 Bellani Sas collaborates with Com. Prof., an Italian company that deals with the management of 12 professional brands dedicated to the care and beauty of hair and body. Also, the exclusive distribution of the French brand Peggy Sage, dedicated to make-up and nails, allowed us to complete our offer, providing our customers with a complete, quick and personalized service.